Footer | AIR GRAVITY Underwear Packaging Design / 機能氣艙引力內褲包裝設計

Wu Kim

Footer | AIR GRAVITY Underwear Packaging Design / 機能氣艙引力內褲包裝設計

Low key & Mature ▸ 低調卻不簡單
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機能引力是想表達輕盈、舒適的內部環境,於是將 LOGO 畫成氣艙的造型,並簡化了大部分的裝飾物,僅留下單純的外觀,
同時也表達了 Air 中的 A 字體。而圓球體則是象徵了不受地心引力影響的引力。

黑色 & 橘色的色系也是這系列主張的顏色搭配,再次強調出我們沉穩但吸引人的特性,低調卻從不簡單。

Special designs make it possible for you to stay light and comfortable.
The LOGO is a mode of space ship, the room could contain the whole universe.
The decorations were deleted, the strong and simple lines left.

Not only the the simple tone we created but also the shape of letter A is from the Air.
The dot on the right is the symbol of flowing, spinning lightly without any blocks

About the photos, the everyday life is what we focus on.
Simple scenes with high qualities, men with power but low key.

Black fabrics & orange lines fit with each other, make it the main set in this series.
A MAN, Mature, Attractive, Noble.
Simple and strong.

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