Ming Jing Tang TCM Clinic 明經堂中醫館

Li Wen

Ming Jing Tang TCM Clinic 明經堂中醫館



2015年ONE&ONE DESIGN與明經堂合作,為其打造全新視覺形象,小到標簽,大到巨幅廣告,事無巨細,在整個設計過程,都經過仔細推敲,反復論證。


Ming Jing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic
Designed by ONE & ONE DESIGN

Ming Jing Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Clinic is a top end medical clinic in Beijing. TCM's basic tenet holds that the body's vital energy (chi or qi) circulates through channels, called meridians, that have branches connected to bodily organs and functions. The highest thought in TCM is to avoid treatment in the first place through the smooth circulation of this vital energy. Their philosophy thus builds upon the belief of "Healing through Meridian Medicine, Wellness through Treatment & Prevention". As such, part of their offering also include an extensive range of herbal medicines, creams, teas, and herbal based cuisines.

In 2015, One & One Design worked with Ming Jing Tang to create a new brand identity, designing from the very small to the very big, from product labels to outdoor advertisements. This design process was one of numerous reiteration and refinement.

Key to TCM is the concept of acupuncture points, which are the major connections of both Meridian (经脉) networks that run vertically, and Collateral (络脉) networks that run laterally, through which the body vital energy (chi) flows. This is expressed visually in the graphic motifs based on lines and dots.

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