DORSEY 多爾西精品服飾品牌提案


DORSEY 多爾西精品服飾品牌提案

The brand identity of Dorsey is especially designed for its suit stores for men, who are identified as the brand’s target customer group. The visual design of the brand is oriented to a perception of self-possession, maturity and prudence. Conceptually centering around animal rights and ecological protection, the logo combines three design elements – the tie, ram’s horn and shield, adumbrated into an extremely simplistic symbol in accordance with the golden ratio. The key outdoor visual identification, as well as the signboard, of the store is mainly made of weathering steel that has been cut into big chunks to bring about a dignified textural perception. In terms of the spatial planning of the store, the fair-face concrete walls are retained and furnished with iron and wood items that are arranged in rows to display the products.​​​​​​​


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