Goby 程式語言識別設計

Goby 程式語言識別設計

Goby 是一款全新的程式語言,結合了 Go 的語法與 Ruby 的精神。在設計上,我實踐了潘洛斯理論 (Penrose Polygon),用了兩種顏色。暗示其由兩種程式語言組成,尤其是 Ruby (紅寶石) 的精神。其字體由無襯線 (sans-serif) 英文字體 Hero 修改而成,將其圓角修尖,使其更加銳利、強勁。

CL / Goby Programming Language 程式語言|創辦人 羅泓武 Stan Lo
AD / 縮小檢視・工作室
Sponsor / 五倍紅寶石出礦坑 (5xruby)

Goby is a new programming language written in Go and its syntax is a lot more like Ruby, In order to make building micro services more efficient.
Applying the theory of Penrose Polygon, the logo is designed with two colors, red and yellow, which implies it's a mix of programming language Ruby and Go. Its typography is revised from Hero, which is a sans-serif font, I changed its border-radius to zero and make it more sharp and strong, stretches their handlers so it becomes neat.

Client / Goby Programming Language
Designer / Zoomout Studio
In association with 5xruby Inc.


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