D (half moon) CD cover/ packaging design


D (half moon) CD cover/ packaging design

To design a CD cover with Bauhaus style. The CD cover must be related to the message of the song and using Bauhaus style to create, classify the signifier and way of meaning.

It is using the storytelling to design a whole CD cover. On the front of the CD cover, the moon is completed by us that I cannot without you. A half of moon (me), a half of CD which means music (you). If the CD is playing, the moon has been full. Inside of the CD case, the graphic showed a lunar eclipse, but there is no any full-moon. It is discrepant the logic what full-moon must appear in the lunar eclipse, it matched the quote(lyrics) “to half of you, it doesn’t fill me up” showed that we might be impossible. On the back of the CD cover, It is a half moon because I am without you. Since I lost you, I start to disappear myself gradually, the dark light, which metaphorical empty, to swallow me.

成為第一個留言的人吧 !

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