City Flavors 城市封味

Xiao Yu

City Flavors 城市封味

時間 Date / Apr.2014

城市封味 City Flavors /城市封味為台灣六大城市(台北、新北、桃園、台中、台南、高雄)製作口袋導覽立體書,蒐集最能代表此城市的特色小物,封裝在易攜帶、易保存的罐頭中,使旅人不論何時何地,只要打開罐頭,便能細細「品嘗」一座城市濃縮的美麗。

City Flavors made a serie of pocket pop-up tour guide for six major cities in Taiwan, and collected some little decorations symbolize six cities. They're sealed in sardine cans which are easy to carry and conserve. Travelers can taste the concentrated flavor of cities readily as long as they opened the cans no matter when or where.
Foreigner travelers and Taiwanese people who love hometown. Our products are selling by vending machine in some traffic points like airport or train station. We hope foreigner travelers could purchase our products easily and have some basic information before they meet the city.

設計團隊 Designer /邱奕豪 Yi-Hau Chiou, 林瑋恩 Wei-En Lin , 陳益賢 Yi-Xian Chen, 黃曉御 Xiao-Yu Huang
企劃 / 黃曉御 Xiao-Yu Huang
插畫 / 林瑋恩 Wei-En Lin 陳益賢 Yi-Xian Chen
排版 / 黃曉御 Xiao-Yu Huang
包裝 / 邱奕豪 Yi-Hau Chiou​​​​​​​
指導老師 Instructor /馮承芝 Cheng-Zhi Feng / 余淑吟 Shu-Yin Yu

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