Window Design : The MIX-PLACE (NOV. 2015 - NOV. 2016)


Window Design : The MIX-PLACE (NOV. 2015 - NOV. 2016)

Contemporary Mixed Experimental Lifestyle Space in China

Located on Hengshan road, formerly known as Avenue Petain, a street in the former French Concession area of Shanghai, China. Hengshan road is famous for European style architecture and the city’s oldest bar street. In such an area full of cultural and historic footage, The Mix Place converted four old mansions from the 30s into experimental spaces, showcasing China contemporary lifestyle.

As the pioneer of mixed experimental space, The Mix Place is a brand new form of lifestyle themes bookstore, a contemporary gentlemen store, a fashion-forward boutique buyer store, and a premier couture store.

The Mix Place is about the metropolis city, the lifestyle, and its people that resident in. It converges reading, fashion, writing, music, film, and art, providing its unique customers a unique experiences as well as creative inspirations.

words from Creative Director - Rocky Liang

Window Design ( NOV. 2015 - NOV. 2016)
There are 11 window projects completed over the past year at our bookstore (The MIX-PLACE). I designed 6 projects and other 5 projects were designed by other brands or exhibitions' teams, such as HAY (Denmark), ARTLAVIE (China) , FCJZ (Yong Ho Chang's studio), LOUIS VUITTON (France) and Daily Project (Beijing).

This page shows some partial details about my design projects.

橱窗设计 (2015年11月-2016年11月)
过去这一年一共有11个橱窗在我们书店(衡山和集)展示。我设计了其中6个,另外5个是由其他品牌和展览团队设计的,例如HAY(丹麦),艾和拉维(中国),非常建筑(张永和工作室),LOUIS VUITTON(法国)和Daily Project(北京)。


Outing Biking Picnicking (MAR. 2016)

Reflecting a banquet of spring outing, the store window of March encourages people to go picnic by bicycle as the weather gets warmer.
Brands and merchandises promoted: bicycle (700ibike), wood ware (GE), tea bag (Harney&Sons).
Other things use in display: watering can, a bunch of flowers, plates, picnic basket, fake fruits, fake breads & cakes, magazines, table cloths and so on.


Children's Day (MAY.2016)

This was a moving and vivid window design.
Children’s Day is in the summer, and The MIX-PLACE wants to bring everybody back to his/her lovely childhood. White balloons were always flying up and down in the store window because of the waft from the fans.
Brands and merchandises promoted: notebooks & canvas tote bags (Penguin Group), aprons (The MIX-PLACE / Business of Culture).
Other things use in display: white balloons, two fans, etc.


(AUG. 2016)

This exhibition explored book design of contemporary Chinese literatures. It not only evaluated from book’s cover, but also considered the design of the whole book. Books displayed in this exhibition were designed by the new generation of Chinese young book designers from all over the world.
- Written by Ray CHEN @The MIX-PLACE / Business of Culture
P.S. This window was designed for this exhibition during the same period.

「本体创造」书籍设计展 (2016年8月)


The Photographic Exhibition of Wang Yin (NOV. 2016)

Wang Yin: a poet, writer, photographer and journalist in China.
A exhibition of Wang Yin was held at The Mix-Place, having a name that matches the season, “One Percent of the Autumn”.
This window was designed for this exhibition especially, therefore I used many picked up leaves of platanus near our store and yellowing old book pages to cover the window ground. In addition, Wang Yin’s poems and some books that used his photography as the cover were hanged in the middle of window.
The poster on the wall of this window was designed by Lu XIAO (The MIX-PLACE / Business of Culture).


王寅: 诗人、作家、摄影师、记者。

Mix+1 (NOV. 2016)

The first-year anniversary window of The Mix-Place embraced the traditional Chinese landscape painting style.
There were three “mountain bodies” made by lamp tubes of varied sizes, and the “flowing clouds” around the “mountain bodies” are made from organza. Books were stacked up from the ground, resembling three hills.
The logo of “MIX+1” design on MIX-PAPER implis the first anniversary of The MIX-PLACE.
Brands and merchandises promoted: ​​​​​​​ sand picture (Klaus Bösch)

推广的品牌和商品:奥地利流沙艺术品(Klaus Bösch)

類別: 品牌設計
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