“Azaz Architects” is an architectural firm based in Saudi Arabia. The brand name "AZAZ" is an extension of the architect's name. The corporate image mainly conveys a trust-worthy feel for “building”, “structure” and “professional”. LOGO is an integral logical geometry, showing a sharp and technological sense of minimalist style. With the design of integral logical LOGO, through the concept of building layers, stacked a round shape corresponding to the architecture. Rigorous sequence and unique structure both come from the combination of “A” and “Z” font structure, as architects use different construction methods for different material properties when designing construction projects, it will create an interesting architecture that's life in its nature.

Azaz Architects是一間位於沙烏地阿拉伯的建築師事務所,品牌名稱”AZAZ”是由建築師本名延用而來,企業形象主要傳達建築、結構、專業、信賴感,企業識別具有邏輯的幾何形體和一體成形的設計,呈現帶有銳利與科技感的極簡風格,利用LOGO具有邏輯性與一體成形的設計,經由建築層層建構的概念,堆疊出與建築結構相呼應的圖形設計,嚴謹的序列與獨特的結構均出自於”A”和”Z”字型本身結構的結合,如同建築師在設計建築項目時,利用不同的材質特性與不同的建築工法,將會創造出具有本質卻又有趣的建築樣貌.

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