Macau Tower Publicize Illustrations

Kay Tung

Macau Tower Publicize Illustrations

ommercial Artwork | Illustration 297 x 420mm

Macau Tower is one landmark of Macau. The illustrations are painted to publicize Macau Tower Tourism and Macau Creations Branch of Macau Tower. It depicts Macau Tower, Ruins of St. Paul, Cathedral and other landmarks. In addition, some unique local elements are added to the illustrations, such as Macao’s red postal kiosk, tricycles, Chinese herbal tea, special souvenirs shops, etc., which enriches visitors’ images of the city. The illustration is printed on T-shirts as well that are on sales in Macau Creations Shops.

Client - Macau Creations - Macau Tower T1
Design & Illustration - Kay Tung

類別: 平面設計, 插圖
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