Walking with Tadeusz Różewicz Exhibition Illustrations

Kay Tung

Walking with Tadeusz Różewicz Exhibition Illustrations

Walking with Tadeusz Różewicz

Born in Radomsko in central Poland in 1921, Tadeusz Różewicz is a renowned Polish poet, dramatist. During the Second World War, along with his brother Janusz, he joined the Polish underground Home Army (Armia Krajowa) and fought against German occupation army.His brother, then 26 years old, was captured and executed in July 1944 by Gestapo, secret police of Nazi Germany and German-occupied Europe.

Różewicz wrote about his childhood memories, his parents, his baby son’s first stand-up, while also depicting, among other trivia, his love’s eyes, and the taste of Chinese Angelica wine. He draws on these seemingly ordinary themes, in fact, to remind readers that commonplaces in life are indeed “more needed than the seven wonders of the world’.

His concern for life is not only focused on his personal experience. In his work, we can see different types of personalities who struggle, and fail in their gloomy lives. He depicts these people in the grey zone, writing about their emptiness and the absurd, terror, coldness and philistinism of life. In later works, like a ragpicker, he blends every kinds of elements drawing on pop culture, reportages, catchprhases, as well as literature, art and philosophical concepts, to reuse these recycled materials in a collage of the weird and burlesque modern living.

We were invited to the extended activities of "Possibilities - Introducing Polish Poetry in Macao" --- "Poetry+Design a Joint Exhibition by Macao Poets and Designers".

We're 6 designers group and finished our creative work "Walking with Tadeusz Różewicz".

波蘭重量級詩人、劇作家塔德烏什‧魯熱維奇(Tadeusz Różewicz,1921 -) 出生於波蘭中部城市拉多姆斯科(Radomsko)。二次大戰期間他和哥哥一起加入波蘭家鄉軍(Armia Krajowa)進行反抗德軍的地下活動,然而,1944年7月他的哥哥被德軍逮捕槍殺,死的時候才二十六歲。

魯熱維奇寫兒時的回憶,寫父母,寫年幼的兒子第一次站起來,寫愛人的眼睛以及當歸酒的味道,這些看似平凡的生活細節,其實正提醒着讀者,生活中的小事物其實“比世界的七大奇蹟 / 還被人需要”。他對生活的關注不只侷限於自身的經驗,在他筆下可以看到形形色色的人物,在他們灰色的現實裡掙扎、失敗。



Art Director : Flame Hawk
Designer : Hancock Lam, Siomeng Chan, Dan, Wakka Cheong, Kay Tung, Jin Lio
Character Design : Wakka Cheong

/Mixed Media
/230cm x 700cm

類別: 平面設計, 插圖
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