P&P Food LTD.

P&P Food LTD.

P&P Food LTD. 東遠國際有限公司

Art direction:Bohan Shih
Design:Bohan Shih
Client : P&P Food LTD.
February, 2017

P&P Food LTD. provide a variety of fine foods, including...
pastas, flours, fresh vegetables and fruits, fresh herbs, spices, truffle products, mushroom products and fresh mushrooms, caviars and fish roes, cheeses, oils, vinegar, balsamic, seafoods and aquatics, wines, goose/duck products, cookies, biscuits and condiments.
In 2017, P&P Food LTD. is celebrating 25 years with a new logo, service to all types of customers such as hotels, restaurants, private kitchens, retail customers and more in the dining environment. For all of these years P&P Food has upheld the mission of "profession and passion" to serve all customers.

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