Hello Store


Hello Store

"Hello Beverage Store" does not beat around the bush, uses the direct and lively greeting “Hello” to greet the guests: “Hello! What would you like to drink today?” Corporate identity with simple and smooth lines showing drinks plugged with straws also gives people a simple and direct image, It's like a tongue that contains taste.

The colorless set is a small marketing trick: with a laser cutting hollow of LOGO shape on the business card, and knife mold cutting on the corresponding position on DM, when the two combined together, the hollow part of the LOGO will reveal the color of the drink of the season. And it changes in the different season with a different drink, creating a visual enjoyment, and with the color of the drinks, to produce an interesting and funny connectivity and, bringing an intimate drinking experience to guests.

『Hello飲料店』店名使用生活化的招呼語”哈囉”來迎接客人「哈囉!今天想喝什麼?」, 企業識別用簡單流暢的線條呈現飲品插上吸管的概念,和店名給人一致親切的形象,且帶有舌尖品嘗飲品的趣味意象。


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