Yellow Kitchen


Yellow Kitchen

The brand of “Yellow Kitchen” is a conceptional restaurant, the core idea is derived from the moods when people are dining: happy, expectation and fresh. Corporate identity utilizes a “bright yellow” as the main color, the same as its name. The LOGO utilizes a combination of elements in catering industry as concept, including basic kitchen utensils: “cup”, “spatula”, “pot” and time, the most important for cooking (“Hourglass”), creating interesting and versatile dining symbols, shown on business cards with simple lines, to meet customers with a lively, fresh, and diverse attitude.

『黃色廚房』品牌是概念餐廳的設計,核心發想來自於人們用餐時的心情:愉快、期待、新鮮。 企業識別與企業名稱一致用明亮的「鮮黃色」作為主色調,Logo將餐飲業的元素結合,包含基本餐、廚具:「水杯」、「鍋鏟」、「鍋蓋」及烹飪時最具重要的時間(「沙漏」)作為概念,產生有趣且可多元使用的餐飲符號,用簡單線條在名片上展現,以活潑、新鮮、多元的態度來迎接客戶群。

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