Records of Squatter House in Taiwan


Records of Squatter House in Taiwan

Records of Squatter House in Taiwan

Due to the weather in Taiwan, there are lots of buildings that were built by concrete and steel. Thus, the humidity won’t cause damage to the buildings during the rainy season. Since Taiwan is a small island, people won’t tolerate wasted space. That’s also why you can see houses made of sheet metal.

There are many advantages to having sheet metal on your rooftop.
1. It frequently rains in Taiwan. With a metal roof, you can still dry your clothes during the rainy season.
2. When it comes to summer, a metal roof will effectively block the sun and prevent the temperature from rising.
3. The low cost and light quality won’t add a heavy loading on you nor the rooftop.

To sum up, that’s why there are hundreds of thousands of houses made of metal in Taiwan.
On the contrary, it also ruins the appearance of our city.

These sheet metal houses are common in Taiwan, Although the use of illegal buildings is the people's needs, but these are illegal symbols to more, and ugly, At this stage has been unable to change the formation of the phenomenon.


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